Supergirl, Tied up and Fucked Hard

Masked intruder violates super girl. Fantasy role play

In the hot amateur Asian video, a masked intruder sneaks up on poor supergirl relaxing reading a book. The horny villain knocks her to the floor and proceeds to knock her out. As she is lying unconscious on the floor, the horny man strips her panties off and ties her to a stool. He takes his cock out and pounds her on the head until she comes to.

The evil bastard starts fucking her good and hard. She moans while her panties are tied in her mouth. He ravages her for a few minutes until he needs to come. He comes around to her face and shoots streams of sperm on her gagged face. Still not finished, the sick man goes back behind her pounding at her juicy pussy again, only to come back around and shoot more jizz in supergirls face. The scene finishes with a still bound and gagged supergirl, exhausted and humiliated, with her faced drenched in sperm.

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Supergirl Jumped by Masked Man



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Supergirl gets bound and fucked hard

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